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The Role of the Early Years Foundation Stage
We work within the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ that covers from birth to 5.   This covers the statutory guidelines for care and education.  This is used to develop our policies and informs how we plan for children’s learning and development.  If you would like to ask any questions or view our policies these are available to you.  Children’s learning is observed by the staff which informs our planning of activities and play opportunities.  Every child has a learning journey book were this is recorded along with their interests and achievements.  Parents are encouraged to share in the use of this book and record interests and achievements their children have made at home.  You know your children best and we value your input into their learning so please tell us about their achievements and interests so we can celebrate these too and plan their next stages of learning. 
We track children’s learning to ensure that children are developing at an age appropriate rate which is recorded along side their learning journals.  This information is informed by ‘Development Matters’ document produced by the Department for Education which can be found at:
The Nursery regularly hold parents evening to give you an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their key person.  We also do a progress report between the age of 2 and 3 years as part of our statutory guidelines.  This will be done by your child’s key person with input from other staff members who work closely with your child.  We will also ask for the parents/ carers input along with any other settings or professionals involved in your child’s care. We will agree on an appropriate time to complete and feedback on the report with you. The report will consist of a short summary of your child’s development within the 3 prime areas of learning and the other 5 areas of learning.  The report is to ensure that a child is developing at an age appropriate rate, celebrate their achievements and highlight any difficulties they are having.  
If you would like more information please speak to your child’s key person or the management team to discuss any queries with you or answer any of your questions.
There is also a parents guide to the EYFS below.